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Re: [docbook-apps] RTL in markup/docbook/??

I see. At this point of the discussion, the question is more to the people in charge of the official DocBook stylesheets. I do not know how they handle RTL output in their stylesheet releases.

Anyway, if the out of the box solution does not fit your your needs, your only option would be to customize the XSL (or DSSSL, if you use JADE) stylesheets in order to hard-code the text direction from right to left, for example under the condition that book/@lang="ar".
But this should not be too complex. I would assume that it only affects three or four templates in the entire DocBook to HTML process.


Mohammed Elzubeir escribi:

On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 10:47:58AM +0200, Markus Schtz wrote:

Hi Mohammed,

there are several ways to turn your flow of text into the "right direction".
(1) With HTML, the most effective one seems to use the BDO element (an inliner) and the DIR attribute to specifiy the text direction. For example, use:


I think I did not make myself clear. The problem is not with HTML itself. HTML has semi-adquate support for RTL languages. The problem is how to convey this information through DocBook so when Jade for example, processes the XML file it knows to produce those HTML codes.

Where is this 'missing link'? Is it something that should be within
DocBook's XSL? Is it something that should be in Jade to auto-detect
language, is it something that should be an argument for Jade? Is it
something that no one should care about and we have to post-process the
output and insert those tags (like we used to do before the CSS idea,
which is not turning out to be a bad idea in itself).

I am not looking for temporary fixes. I want a permanent solution that
is not difficult or complicated to implement (relative to setting up the
whole docbook/xml or even tex).