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Re: Drupal project started

--- Alaa Abd El Fattah <alaa at manalaa dot net> wrote:
> thought I'd announce this here.
> We started work on arabizing the drupal CMS, at the moment only 1200+
> strings need to be translated.

Welcome aboard, fellow translator ;-)

How type of strings are those 1200 strings? The short type? The medium type? Or
the bad type? :) (fighting back horrible memories of fedora/dist.po (>_<)

> hmm what else?
> I'm new to the arabeyes process so if there is something we're missing
> or doing wrong please tell me.

Yes there is, and this is very important. Ask as many questions about anything
you like and do as many progress reports as you can here on the doc list! It
would also be a good idea to browse a selection of a few po files of anything
you think is similiar to drupal.

Again, welcome aboard. I hope you will like working with us :)


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