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Re: qamooose (data files)

To: "Dr Ehab" <dr_ehab at msn dot com>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 23:13:52 -0700

On Wednesday - 26.May.2004 [15:16:26 +0300],
 Dr Ehab (dr_ehab at msn dot com) wrote:
 > I want the arabic - english disctionnary database on csv or excel
 > format for development.

We're in no position to reformat the data to suite your needs - you are
more than free to do so if you so desire (as long as you abide within the
license of the data).  Bare in mind that the Wordlist project is not yet
complete and is in a constant need for volunteers,


 > thanks in advance
 > waiting your reply

Sorry for the delay in gettin back to you.


 - Nadim

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