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Re: arabizing drupal

--- Alaa Abd El Fattah <alaa at manalaa dot net> wrote:
> we're on the process of building two Arabic websites based on the drupal
> CMS (http://drupal.org).

Cool - finally a item on our global TODO list that is being looked into ;-)

> I'm working on adding proper auto bidi support (I did a hack through the
> theme engine, but I'll probably implement a filter module for this).
> now the only thing missing is translating the drupal interface.
> would Arabeyes be interested in hosting such a project?

We usually say yes - but we have to go through the normal "OKing" procedure.

> BTW, I read the translators' guide, and its not clear at all how one
> goes about suggesting new translation projects.

Sounds like we need to augment the guide to say "mail to 'contact' your
request for consideration".  Since the point has gotten across you should
hear back from us in a day or two.

BTW: make sure all your CMS work is with regard to UTF-8 !!


 - Nadim

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