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Re: masdar or fi3l amr

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 16:10, Arafat Medini wrote:
> First of all you are not making PC interfaces for yourself. I am not a
> moralist and I don't intend to be a world-changer or a romantic
> avangardist.

I am a romantic and I do intend to change what little part of the world
I can. So, we are different, big deal ;)

> My point as I said it many times ago is very pragmatic, I myself am not
> interested really in which is better for itself or for making the world
> better, my interest is only which one eases the user?
> You raised a VERY interesting point here: do ppl really have a
> psychological problem when coming in contact with interfaces?

Being a romantic does not mean I do not intend to be pragmatic in the
way I do things. You should know me better than this. Do people have a
problem when contacting awkward interfaces? Absolutely. Human-Machine
Interface design is a science by itself.

> First of all, all the ppl I met had never used windows in Arabic even I
> never used it, so we are not influnced by psychic microzift rays ;)

I have conducted my own little survey here in the office. People who use
MS-Windows localized version. Guess what, they would rather be ordering
the computer.

> Elzubair, and I am meaning this sincerely, maybe you have a personal
> problem with this:"This subject makes me so irritable"

Arafat, one of the primary reasons why I started the Aunyx project
(which pre-dates Arabeyes) is because of this particular issue. In other
words, this specifically was one of my biggest "itches". So when I see
someone like you lobbying to go the other direction, it does raise a
very big red alarm.

> (I am not interested in the KDE people they have to make their own mind,
> and I also make my own mind.)

You are mistaken here, because whatever is finally decided will be
applicable to all Arabic translations conducted via Arabeyes. As a
coordinator for GNOME, I would think you should be interested.

> IMO if I have an interface I would never concider it a living being, I
> would never say to the interface "DO THIS"
> "DO THAT" normally human beings only use the direct form when they are
> in a reciprocal relation in a situation were both parts are in dynamic
> btw each other.
> With an interface you only press buttons or read a bottle, it's NOT a
> reciprocal situation.
> when you have for eg. a dog you would say to him: eat or play with me. 

Again, you are wrong. That is what 'user-friendly' is all about. In
order to be friendly to a user, the user must feel that they are
communicating with something, as opposed to talking in abstract forms.

> [..]
> Think about this situation now: a man besides his car and says to
> it:"iftahi" ppl will say he is crazy, BUT if he says:"fath" they'll be
> interested in what this masdar will lead to...

Frankly, I would think the person is crazy if he says "fath" to his car.
Unless he's calling the militant group (in which case I would jump for
cover) ;)

> [..]
> As said this was never really interesting for me, MY point was always:
> 99% of the users "want" masdar so to get them work with linux in a
> plug-and-play manner and don't irritate them let us make it like that.

If the users you have asked have never used MS-Windows, what exactly
have they used? And, how can you call them users if they haven't used a
localized interface before? 

> [..]
> > QAC members.. whenever you have your meeting, _I_ WILL BE PRESENT just
> > for this issue. Frankly I am sick of seeing it come up again.
> I could simply ignore it and complete my work like I do believe but this
> is not right. That's way it keeps up coming so that we all can discuss
> it. I wanted to reraise the problem to get discussion on it, this was
> intentional ;)

You can't really do that, and you know it ;) This is a group project and
'continuing to work' as you like simply is not going to work. Don't make
me start counting the things I ended up having to do despite my
disagreement with it, because I was overruled by the group ;)

> > And you are about to meet the harder liner. Ladies and gentlemen,
> > welcome to the show ;)
> Is there something to win? Man you're living in the UAE give me some gold ;)

Nah.. just a friendly "fight" ;) As Nadim likes to say, "the best idea
wins" -- and I'm sure my idea is the best ;)

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