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Re: cvs changes todos

--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
>  it seems that many files will go out and many will go in so before
> checking which are utf8 I'll have to chekc which have to be in and which
> not this is a very difficult task for me.

Noted, but it should not be difficult.

> So this will take a long time to complete, it means to make a COMPLTE
> update of the cvs tree...

There is a script out there to ease this process and I'm more than
willing (as I'm sure there are others that can) help if need be.

> So pls wait till I complete that update and then I'll check he files in
> the meantime I'll add/change and ask Elzubair to remove many files from
> the tree...

Again, you can remove files yourself.  The only time a CVS admin should
to anything is to rename already existing directories (and that should
rarely happen if ever).  I highly recommend you/we get this cvs-sync
with mothership process scripted and eased so that it can be run on
anyone's whim to make sure we are working with the latest files.


 - Nadim

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