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Re: encodings

For the desktop and the developer libs yes, for the other parts no, at
least I didn't check out...
For cvs there is a huge problem as there is big movement there and I
have to write down what exactly will be done, I'll ask you (Nadim) to
also help me with some scripts but you'll get a complete mail about this


Am So, 2004-02-08 um 19.47 schrieb Nadim Shaikli:
> Arafat, Ahmad.Z (are you still out there Mr. KDE ?), have you guys looked
> into your respective repository trees to ensure proper encoding usage ?
> Arafat, did you go through all your Gnome files as there were many older
> translations that were not using the UTF-8 encoding (as was noted per the
> generation of that QAC "common_terms" file).
> Just a reminder and keep up the great effort.
> Reminder - 'cvs commit' nightly before you go to bed and make sure that
> Arabeyes' cvs is upto date with regard to what the project's page contains
> on the mothership.
> Salam.
>  - Nadim
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