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Changes to Debian Installer first stage files

I have completed a big change to the Debian Installer translation

The translation of "core" Debian Installer packages, which represented
nearly all files in stage1/ is now centralised in a single file.

This means that instead of a big bunch of debian-istaller_packages_*
files, you now just have only one debian-installer_packages_po.po file
with ALL arabic translation of D-I first stage.

There is some work to do in this file:

-some strings are marked "fuzzy" because they were identical strings
in different packages, with different translations. You have to
"choose" one of these and keep it

-new fuzzy/untranslated strings have appeared since late July, when
Arabic reached 100%. They need updates

Please note that there is still a console-data_debian_po.po file in
stage1. This is normal....This package is counted in D-I first stage
but is not part of the core Debian Installer package, so its
translation has to be made separately.