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[l10n] Translation and the freeze of packages

Hello translators,

as you might know, some packages related to the debian-installer are in
section base and are frozen due to the process of releasing sarge in the
next weeks. Thus, no changes to the packages are possible. We can give
the translators one last chance to update and to correct their
translation in the following packages which are already frozen:

  shadow		debconf translation
  tasksel		debconf, tasks/
  exim4			debconf
  popularity-contest	debconf

When committing to base-config, please commit to the sarge branch. If
you can't commit to base-config, are unsure about how to commit to a given 
branch or want to update the other packages, please file a bug against it 
with the subject:

  [INTL:xx] [sarge] ....

where xx is your language.

Do this until 

	Friday, 27 August 2004 00:99:00 UTC

I am writing this mail because I am sure that some translators did not
know about the already started freeze.

Take your chance: Test and re-read your translations to get a wonderful
sarge installer.

Don't panic for other packages such as all from d-i SVN. There is still
time for it.


Statistics of the packages. *Only* missing or outdated/fuzzy translations
are listed.


bg: base-config/po/bg.po: 6t1f0u
bs: base-config/debian/po/bs.po: 111t1f0u
cy: base-config/debian/po/cy.po: 111t1f0u
fa: base-config/debian/po/fa.po 112u
fa: base-config/po/fa.po 7u
ga: base-config/debian/po/ga.po 112u
ga: base-config/po/ga.po 7u
gl: base-config/debian/po/gl.po: 23t36f53u
gl: base-config/po/gl.po 7u
hr: base-config/po/hr.po: 6t1f0u
it: base-config/debian/po/it.po: 111t1f0u
lv: base-config/debian/po/lv.po 112u
lv: base-config/po/lv.po 7u
nb: base-config/debian/po/nb.po: 111t1f0u
nb: base-config/po/nb.po: 2t0f5u
nn: base-config/debian/po/nn.po: 111t1f0u
ro: base-config/debian/po/ro.po 112u
se: base-config/debian/po/se.po 112u
se: base-config/po/se.po 7u
sl: base-config/debian/po/sl.po: 111t1f0u
sl: base-config/po/sl.po: 2t0f5u
sq: base-config/po/sq.po: 6t1f0u
sr: base-config/debian/po/sr.po 112u
sr: base-config/po/sr.po 7u
vi: base-config/debian/po/vi.po 112u
vi: base-config/po/vi.po 7u


bg: popularity-contest/debian/po/bg.po 7u
cy: popularity-contest/debian/po/cy.po 7u
en: popularity-contest/debian/po/en.po 7u
fa: popularity-contest/debian/po/fa.po 7u
ga: popularity-contest/debian/po/ga.po 7u
gl: popularity-contest/debian/po/gl.po 7u
ko: popularity-contest/debian/po/ko.po: 5t2f0u
lv: popularity-contest/debian/po/lv.po 7u
nb: popularity-contest/debian/po/nb.po: 5t2f0u
nn: popularity-contest/debian/po/nn.po: 5t2f0u
ru: popularity-contest/debian/po/ru.po: 5t2f0u
se: popularity-contest/debian/po/se.po 7u
sl: popularity-contest/debian/po/sl.po 7u
sq: popularity-contest/debian/po/sq.po 7u
sr: popularity-contest/debian/po/sr.po 7u
tr: popularity-contest/debian/po/tr.po: 5t2f0u
vi: popularity-contest/debian/po/vi.po 7u


ar: shadow/debian/po/ar.po 25u
bg: shadow/debian/po/bg.po 25u
en: shadow/debian/po/en.po 25u
fa: shadow/debian/po/fa.po 25u
ga: shadow/debian/po/ga.po 25u
lv: shadow/debian/po/lv.po 25u
se: shadow/debian/po/se.po 25u
sl: shadow/debian/po/sl.po 25u
sq: shadow/debian/po/sq.po 25u
sr: shadow/debian/po/sr.po 25u
sv: shadow/debian/po/sv.po: 16t9f0u
vi: shadow/debian/po/vi.po 25u


bg: tasksel/tasks/po/bg.po: 43t24f35u
bg: tasksel/debian/po/bg.po 5u
bs: tasksel/tasks/po/bs.po: 52t15f35u
bs: tasksel/debian/po/bs.po 5u
cy: tasksel/tasks/po/cy.po: 52t15f35u
cy: tasksel/debian/po/cy.po 5u
en: tasksel/debian/po/en.po 5u
en: tasksel/tasks/po/en.po 102u
fa: tasksel/tasks/po/fa.po 102u
ga: tasksel/debian/po/ga.po 5u
ga: tasksel/tasks/po/ga.po 102u
gl: tasksel/tasks/po/gl.po: 54t13f35u
it: tasksel/tasks/po/it.po: 54t13f35u
it: tasksel/debian/po/it.po 5u
lv: tasksel/debian/po/lv.po 5u
lv: tasksel/tasks/po/lv.po 102u
nb: tasksel/tasks/po/nb.po: 43t24f35u
nb: tasksel/debian/po/nb.po 5u
nn: tasksel/tasks/po/nn.po: 52t15f35u
nn: tasksel/debian/po/nn.po 5u
pl: tasksel/tasks/po/pl.po: 56t11f35u
pt: tasksel/tasks/po/pt.po: 52t15f35u
ru: tasksel/debian/po/ru.po 5u
se: tasksel/debian/po/se.po 5u
se: tasksel/tasks/po/se.po 102u
sl: tasksel/tasks/po/sl.po: 43t24f35u
sl: tasksel/debian/po/sl.po 5u
sq: tasksel/debian/po/sq.po 5u
sr: tasksel/debian/po/sr.po 5u
sr: tasksel/tasks/po/sr.po 102u
vi: tasksel/debian/po/vi.po 5u
vi: tasksel/tasks/po/vi.po 102u
zh_TW: tasksel/tasks/po/zh_TW.po: 52t15f35u
zh_TW: tasksel/debian/po/zh_TW.po 5u


bg: exim/exim/debian/po/bg.po 63u
bs: exim/exim/debian/po/bs.po: 5t0f58u
cy: exim/exim/debian/po/cy.po 63u
en: exim/exim/debian/po/en.po 63u
fa: exim/exim/debian/po/fa.po 63u
ga: exim/exim/debian/po/ga.po 63u
gl: exim/exim/debian/po/gl.po 63u
hr: exim/exim/debian/po/hr.po 63u
lv: exim/exim/debian/po/lv.po 63u
ro: exim/exim/debian/po/ro.po 63u
se: exim/exim/debian/po/se.po 63u
sl: exim/exim/debian/po/sl.po 63u
sq: exim/exim/debian/po/sq.po 63u
sr: exim/exim/debian/po/sr.po 63u
uk: exim/exim/debian/po/uk.po 63u
vi: exim/exim/debian/po/vi.po 63u
zh_TW: exim/exim/debian/po/zh_TW.po 63u

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