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Re: problems in kbabel

Munzir Taha wrote:

On Yau al-Thulatha 01 Rajab 1425 23:43, Diego Iastrubni wrote:

Hi all,

I would like to know if anyone here is using kbabel from kde3.3.

I found that the translation panel there reverses the parenthesis, "("
becomes ")" when translating Hebrew. I assume the same will be for Arabic.

Can anyone here confirm this?

Do you mean that when you press SHIFT+9 you got ")" and SHIFT+0 you got "(" and this should be the reverse? Isn't this the situation also in Qt apps like kmail in KDE3.2-? If this is what you mean, it's not strictly a bug. I am

This was the situation when earlier versions of QT was mixed with X 4.3. Later QT versions (3.2 I think) fixed this. At least for hebrew. I have been using this for a very long time with no problems.

I can assure you, that this problem is valid only in kbabel. For example, I write something in the run menu (ctrl+f2), copy it, paste it into kbabel and then I see the messed up in kbabel. I need to test if this problem is caused in qtexteditor (or qritchtexedit) or is kde specific.

Meanwhile, I also managed to crash kbabel. I noticed the crashes happen when I mix hebrew inside HTML tags. I wonder if anyone here can reproduce this for Arabic as well. See my bug report anyway:


sorry My Mandrake 10.1 beta doesn't have kbabel to test but I think I can help if you gave more info.

You must be brave if you use Mandrake betas... :)


diego, kde-il translation team

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