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Re: Skolelinux (educational distro)

--- Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj <alarfaj0 at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> --- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> [...]
> > Abdulaziz by all means :-)  Do please make sure to upload the files
> > onto Arabeyes' CVS (ie. make sure to do things the "normal" way we've
> > been doing things).
> Certainly, should I take this as a green light from core to go ahead
> with a new project? Do please discuss this in your core meeting
> tomorrow, I plan to be there :)

It doesn't get greener than this :-)  If there is a potential for
progress and you have time and are committed and/or can get others
to assist by all means no one will or should stand in you path
(beyond some suggestions if any).  If you want to start a whole new
project (ie. for its own page, etc) just send a mail to 'contact'
and it shall be.  The only fear that any and all of us have is
spreading ourselves too thin as there is soooooo much to do all
over the place.

> I'll try to get my hand on a copy of the distro ASAP to try it out
> (will have to nag Jad about it). I can see what your visulaizing here,
> if we could further localize the _content_ of the applications in the
> distro and go beyond just translating the interface, that would be
> splendid :)

That's exactly what I mean - I remember Isam noting an example in which
word association had the following example in which kids were expected
to relate a star to a Christmas tree - I'm sure that 80%+ of the Arab
kids won't get that nor would they relate to it.  As noted there are
likely to be more involved things beyond changing mere graphics/pics
akin to how to teach kids how to write Arabic (again due to the Arabic
alphabet's shaping).  So a thorough inspection of the distro would be
a great first step.


 - Nadim

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