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Re: [Fwd: Language list for 3.3.0]

On Yaum al-Sabt 20 Jumaada al-Thaani 1425 14:22, Hicham Amaoui wrote:
> won't make itIt seems that arabic won't make it for kde 3.3.0

> From: 	Piotr Szymanski <djurban at pld-dc dot org>
> Organization: 	PLD Linux Distribution
> To: 	KDE i18n-doc <kde-i18n-doc at kde dot org>
> Date: 	Sat, 7 Aug 2004 11:50:30 +0200
> Subject: 	Language list for 3.3.0

> Hi,
> As usual, 3 of 4 thresholds need to be met to be included. Since Claudio
> didnt create the 3_3_BRANCH stats, this list was done based on HEAD sttats.
> If any team was not included and had met the treshold on the branch please
> reply to this.

> Not sure:
> ar

> They miss from 5-7 % to get included, maybe sth. changed on the branch?

Mr. Piotr Szymaski,
Arabic language translation for the essensial modules is at a 100% status so 
we should have made it into 3_3_BRANCH. Just a sync is needed between 
3_2_BRANCH and HEAD. Our KDE maintainer would do this soon. Hope after the 
extensive work that's done on the previous month we would be in 3.3 with a 
much better translation.

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