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Re: looking for arabic word list

--- hassan boulmarouf <hboulmarouf at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> I was refered to Wordlist projet to get an arabic word
> list, but I've found none! or I didn't look in the
> proper location.
> Where can I find it ?

I don't think one exists.  We don't have an Arabic word
list (yet :-) -- we have an english word list under the
auspices of the wordlist project.

I think the only way you can get an Arabic wordlist
(since I'm 99.9% sure you won't find one on the 'net) is to
create your own.  Look into a systematic means to generate
it possibly via a "Morphological Analysis" tool (look into
the Duali project).

M.Elzubeir, in passing, I will hit you up with 'generating
a complete Arabic Wordlist' later once you get freed-up ;-)


 - Nadim

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