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Re: Arabbix Project Update

Thanks for your kind words:

I would be delighted to have as many Arabic friendly applications on Arabbic 1.0 as much as possible.

Could you point me to the list of apps you compiled I like to add those to my todo list or you can add them yourself once I release the detailed TODO list in an hour.


Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:
Salam, Thanks Anmar, for the great work. Arabbix will be a great success in
shaa Allah.
I second your choice for the Morphix distro, though I haven't used it.
It's being modular is the key to making our work in a separate module,
which is scalable and will keep compatibility with the project morphix
easily. A debian-based distro will make it easier for update (IMHO). The
size of the CD is not that important, as long as it is a single cd. And
a good installer is certainly needed.
The idea is good, so I am going to half-volunteer:). In the distro
project we are now compiling a list of applications needed, I would like
to piggyback this on your project by choosing the apps needed for Arabic
support in Arabbix. I understand that these packages will revolve around
GNOME morphix. As a side-benefit I will be a tester of Arabbix and will
gauge its Arabic support. I hope we can get it to Gold status directly.
I hope many people will volunteer in localizing. Time is ticking..


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