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Re: Arabbix 0.1 is ready :)

--- Ahmad Twaijry <msx at hush dot com> wrote:
> my friend just finished from Uploading Arabbix-0.1 and I just released
> it :)

Great thank you very much.  I'm sure Anmar is all over it ;-)

> PLEASE download it and test it and tell me if the uploading was ok
> because I can't check this right know

I was able to download it, but won't be able to test it for some time
(have some prior promises).

> for developer please read (UTF-8) :
> http://www.4-sms.com/u/03/09/sh6aafArappix-QA  <-- QA
> http://www.4-sms.com/u/03/09/sh6aafinstalled   <-- Installed Programs
> http://www.4-sms.com/u/03/09/sh6aafremoved     <-- Removed Programs

I was a bit surprised on the installed programs part.  I didn't see
some programs that I thought would be there (like vim-6.2, mlterm,
duali, etc).  Briefly, where any programs added specifically for
Arabic or was the distro localized with some added documentation ?

The list that our distro people are working on (ie. "What would you
like to see in an Arabic distro" thread on general) is gonna to come
in very handy now.

BTW: I will resend this email to 'general' - do keep this thread
     (and any replies) on that mailing-list.

Thanks & Salam.

 - Nadim

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