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Re: CVS conflicts [WAS: Oops!]

I think you have a problem in your site (may be your DNS)

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From: Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at myrealbox dot com>
Organization: New Horizons
Subject: Re: CVS conflicts [WAS: Oops!]
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 08:38:13 +0300
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> RCS file: /srv/cvs/translate/misc/full_wordlist.po,v
> retrieving revision 1.7
> retrieving revision 1.9

So this is saying that since revision 1.7 there have been changes (upto 1.9
which you have not updated the file since).

> < msgstr ""
> ---
> > msgstr "???????????? ???????? ???????? ?????? ???? ????????????

???????????? ????????????????"

> 139755c139781
>When you see a  '<' character, it tells you that this line has been removed
>since the latest revision. the '>' character tells you that this is what
>has been added.

I am about to lose my mind. Yes, it's changed but it's me who made these
change. Am I conflicting with myself?

>This is actually explained in the Translator FAQ here:

Where is the ======== and <<<<<<<< which is mentioned there.

>There are 2 things here:
>2. When you do a cvs commit, you are in effect only sending the 'changes'
>   across the network. Same thing when you are donig a cvs update -- you are
>   only downloading the 'changes'. You are not downloading the file in its
>   entirety -- so cutting up the file to smaller chunks will not affect how
>   much traffic goes back and forth.

If you are living in an Saudi Arabia you won't say this. I think you have a
fast connection so you can theorize easily about this ;) It's not like this
of course. Even if I change one word and make an update it will take a long
time. I monitored my connection and a large number of packets is being
uploaded. Not sure why but I think you can't say there is a one word change
if you can't look into the whole file, gaze at it, look again and then
decide. Deal with it.

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