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Re: Full world list

--- Anmar Oueja <anmar canada com> wrote:
> I would like to know the source of the full_worldlist.po file. There
> are words in there that I can not find in any dictionary.
> What to do and how to do I even know if these words are actual words.
> This is an important issue if we have lots of words that are useless.

I took a number of wordlists out there (some from pre-existing dictionaries,
some from ispell's wordlist, from aspell, from a number of online sites that
included some scientific terms, etc) and compiled one list 'full_wordlist'.
I'm sure there will be words that are outside the "normal" realm - and Ossama
has posted about some on this list in the past (Anmar, you might want to check
the 'doc' archives).

In short, I suggested to Ossama the following - mark those words as "BAD"
or "ILLEGAL" or something consistent and then we can deal with them later.
I think Ossama (and do please correct me if I'm wrong), simply removed ones
that were blatantly wrong and/or replaced/added words he saw were missing.

Ossama had also noted (and I hope he replies to this email :-) that he's had
good luck using this online dictionary to verify words,


In short, its a work in progress and yup we might need to remove/add things
to the file :-)

Hope that helps & Salam.

 - Nadim

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