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Re: Arabic Dictionary - full_wordlist.po

Hi sirs,
Oops! no one has considered the first letter of my name yet! You are to be 
blamed for this. As a punishment I will do it all, Inshallah. 1205 words is a 
large figure but it's my name anyway and I have to deal with it ;-) 

The number of hours depends on my duty (twelve hours and a half sometimes) but 
I will finish it, Inshallah. finish.

May be I will need your help first. When I comit my first commit in life I 
will ask you to check and confirm everything is Ok even from a consistency 
point of view so that I will save you time later trying to remedy the 
situation. How many translations do I need to each word? only one? In case of 
more how can I type them in Kbabel.

Munzir Taha,
Microsoft Office User Specialist, (MOUS),
Certified Internet Webmaster, (CIW),
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia