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Re: Hello I'm a newbie

Salam Yousef,

I am the gnome translation coordinator, you have to use Kbabel which is
based on the KDE labraries unfortunately but that's becasue the gnome
translation tool called gtranslator is not yet ready for usage.
here is a link which helps you get into the translation process.



Am Fre, 2003-03-07 um 18.38 schrieb Yousef Raffa:
> Dear All Great Arabeyes Team Members,
> Assalamo Alaikom
> It is such a great pleasure for me meeting you all in here and may Allah
> bless you all for what you all doing.
> I'm a newbie to your mailing list and so am I to GNU-Linux. I've been
> working on Linux something like 10 or 11 months ago, I'm not really
> sure. But anyway, I have worked for Hancom Linux in Seoul, Korea on
> their Office Suite (Hancom Office version 3.0) in the translation part
> as they haven't got any native Arabian speaker!, they translated
> everything themselves before I join them. That was like 8 months back.
> I'm really interested in the GNOME 2 translation part and I would like
> to know what kind of tool shall I use for translation as I'm using GNOME
> 2 as my Desktop Environment on RH 8.0 and RH 8.0.94 Beta.
> I've read the FAQs on the web site and the CVS-HOWTO so I'm almost ready
> ;)!. As far as time is concerned, I can give like 2 hours/week as I
> really have no time due to work!.
> Please let me know how can I help :).
> Your kind replies are really appreciated.
> Salam
> Very well known as " Liquid Crystal "