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Re: KDE-i18n Project Status

--- Walid Shaari <shaari arabeyes org> wrote:
> Most of us know how it feels this year, and how important its to your
> future life, and career!

I couldn't agree more with Walid on this (this is scary, me and Walid
agreeing on things :-), but I too concur with Mr. Shaari and insist
on you NOT doing any work until you are done with your school and
studies (this is one of the more important points in your young life
and you _most_ certainly need to give it your all).

You are much more valuable to us and to the Arab world as a whole if
you guarantee your bright future and not be distracted by other things
(no matter how fun they might be - arabeyes or otherwise).

PS: No; no one from your household talked to me ;-)
> I would strongly advise you not to focus on anything but your studies,

So study hard, concentrate on your books and exams and we look to hearing
back from you when you are "Awal" on .eg post exams/results :-)

Salam and "eat those books" :-)

 - Nadim

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