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Re: VIM 6.2 enabling arabic is vague

This thread should only really exist on the 'general' list (post follow-ups
there, please).  I'm opting to send a copy of the reply here in case there
are others interested (I hope everyone on this list is also subscribed to
both the 'announce' and the 'general' lists).

--- Anmar Oueja <anmar canada.com> wrote:
> I just spent an hours trying to get GVIM 6.2 to write arabic.

Please don't cross post; a single email should only be destined to
a single list.

> Read the help, compiled with the right flags.. it got me thinking... it 
> is not clear how to enable arabic on VIM 6.2. can you guys please 
> respond with the steps necessary to enable arabic support properly in 
> VIM. BTW, I can see the arabic letters but the shaping is not there.

The necessary info is available here


as well as within Vim-6.2+ proper by doing,

  :help Arabic
  :help arabic

> Once the list is complete, I will compile a document out of it and 
> submit to Arabeyes... as a supplement to VIM's docs on how to enable 
> arabic in VIM 6.2

As noted all the necessary documentation is within Vim.  You can always
start by simply doing ':help' and surfing your way to the right area.

Hope that helps & Salam.

 - Nadim

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