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Re: CVS: translate/kde kabc_file.po cupsdconf.po kabc_ldap.po kdelibs.po knotify.po ktexteditor_isearch.po ppdtranslations.po

Hello Amin:

The best way is to follow the doc on the www.arabeyes.org webiste.. if you feel uneasy I can help you live if you want to join the IRC channel.

Point your IRC tool (Internet Relay Chat) to irc.freenode.org and join the #arabeyes chat room. I will walk you through this from the very begining and hopefully get you on your way :)

Hope this helps


Amin Ezzy wrote:

I want to join your team and start participating in the arabization of KDE. I've noticed that no one working on accessibility. So I would like to start with it

the problem taht I want to do it through linux , the way you expalin is how to use CVS from windows, I want someone to help and say how to start using linux, I've Mandrake 9. the CVS progam i want to use is CVS is Cervisia.

Any one can help

Thank you


Amin Ezzy

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