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Re: hey guys

On Thursday 24 July 2003 23:29, precioso arabche wrote:
> great work guys. i would like to participate.
> here is what i know
> - fluent in arabic and english. writin and speakin
> - somehow know how to get my way around in linux redhat and basic setup of
> services
> - good in mysql / php
> - very basic shell scripting
> im very interested in helpin make linux write arabic in applications like
> openoffice or in general for the obvious reasons.
> please anyone guide me on which related project i can help with my
> knowledge (is it QT)
> thanks

If it is translation you are looking at, please pay a visit to

I am currently working on the wordlist project. Let me know
if you want to help _after_ you read the above.

Ahmad Al-rasheedan (http://webhost.fasttelco.com/asr)