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Re: Arabic localization of Mozilla (0.1BETA2)

--- Ahmad <msx at hush dot com> wrote:
> This is the last Arabic localization of Mozilla

I hope you mean "latest" not "last" :-)

> please check http://www.4-sms.com/users/mozilla/

Great work Ahmad - a quick note,

looking at,

the arrows (those little triangles) in the menu (and even the navigation
bars) are pointing in the wrong direction, has this been reported to Mozilla
as a bug (if not, could you please do so) ? If the bug has been reported,
let us know the bug number so we all can vote for its prompt fix ?

On a related topic - any news on when we'll have a proper project page for
mozilla on Arabeyes for Ahmad to post on his Logs and Links ;-) ?

Salam (& keep the great work coming).

 - Nadim

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