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RE: full_wordlist

--- Ossama Khayat <ossama at linuxmail dot org> wrote:
> Just read,
>   (Jan 09, 2003) Ossama Khayat joins in and contributes with his
>   exceptional translations.
> this note on the wordlist page, and decided to raise the bet to 2
> hours a day :)

Hehehe - just stating fact.  I guess a kind word goes a long way :-)

> > > > A proper project webpage for this effort is coming, I promise :-) 
> > > 
> > > Thanks, that would really be great.
> > 
> > And its there now,
> > 
> >   http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Wordlist
> > 
> Am I text-blind or what? :) I can't find the place where to update my
> status?  Would you please help me more?

You need to login and then go to the page and you'll see all sorts of 'Add'
and 'Edit' links.  In short note the "Login" form on the right menu.  Also
keep in mind that any news you enter on that page will be reflected on
arabeyes' main page - so don't put daily status and try to make it as
general as possible and interesting to those not involved in the project.

Posting something akin to "Ossama K promises to put in 2 hours a day to
propel this project" is fine where-as "Ossama K doesn't know what 'akin'
means" or "Munzir O. had a car accident" isn't ;-)

BTW: Munzir congratulations on the baby !!

> > Make sure to use it and update it as you see fit (the updating is
> > something you guys can and _should_ do).
> > 
> > BTW: Wordlist is now a full fledged project - CVS moved from misc to 
> >      its own page (make sure to update your CVS paths).  I'll be adding
> >      a percentage done status (similar to KDE/Gnome soon) as well.

OK, that wordlist_status_bar has now been added for your pleasure.  Check
the status link on the project page.

> That's great. Basically, I'll be using the Web CVS to read the files starting
> from _A.po and check fuzzy translations _only_ or shall I just go through the
> whole file and do the final check?

I say start at the very beginning and compile a list of terms that are not
found on any dictionary and post them on 'doc' to see if others can help.
A great deal of things on there are location names and acronyms that might
not be known outside of the US and/or Europe.

It might also be better to note those non-found terms as fuzzy instead of
'not valid' or similar so that they are tagged appropriately.

The important thing now is to forge ahead and complete the tasks at hand.
Go nuts people :-)


 - Nadim

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