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RE: full_wordlist

--- Ossama Khayat <ossama at linuxmail dot org> wrote:
> How about if stay as a revisor for all those files, that need double
> checking, like full_wordlist files that are updated by new members ?
> I can promise this time that I will reserve 1 hour at least everyday,
> and I WILL KEEP my word this time! Otherwise, I'm useless....

OK, great.

> > 
> > > Finally, I suggest that we have a place on the website - maybe - where
> > > we can set the status of our work. Like, sometimes, I'm just too busy
> > > (or lazy) to even send an email to notify you guyz that I was working
> > > on something and I just stopped because of whatever. It would be great
> > > if we could have such a thing. 
> > 
> > A proper project webpage for this effort is coming, I promise :-) 
> Thanks, that would really be great.

And its there now,


Make sure to use it and update it as you see fit (the updating is
something you guys can and _should_ do).

BTW: Wordlist is now a full fledged project - CVS moved from misc to 
     its own page (make sure to update your CVS paths).  I'll be adding
     a percentage done status (similar to KDE/Gnome soon) as well.

Thanks Youcef R. for making it easy :-)


 - Nadim

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