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Re: full_wordlist

> With a total total of left strings being 16,685 and with your
> 300 words a day that leaves us with about 55 days (so say
> two months).  Can we now safely saw all these files will be
> done (first round) by Sept 30th ?

We can if we have 10 translators each doing 30 words a day.

> > Lastly, can you delete "ar.po" in case someone stumbles on it like I
> Done.
> I would still like to hear from those that had once signed-up to
> work on these lists - are you still interested or should we remove
> your names ???

Apart from Mr. Munzir I didn't read any takers for a specific letter file.
Munzir on 'M', I'm on 'E', and leave 'F' for me for tonight.