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Qamoose and dict protocol [was Re: want a job!]

Salaam Nadim,
long time:)
Just to note that it's not worth the effort extending Qamoose to support the dict protocol. There are plenty of free, open source, secure and very efficient dict servers out there which can be used. On debian at least, dictd for example comes shipped in standard. Dictd and Qamoose can live side by side and serve different purposes (Web vs dict).
Replication and sync are the only possible issues I could see in having them feed the same data from different sources, so if you think a simple conversion script+cron job tandem automating the process for example is not enough (would that be REALLY not enough for Arabeyes' needs?) then maybe adapting Qamoose to source itself from dict formatted files for Web clients while leaving dictd serve dict clients would be a better option (easier, more secure and requiring much less efforts).