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Re: translations too literal

--- "sattar dot izwaini at stud dot umist dot ac dot uk" wrote:
> Last time I wanted to comment on some posting, the email list did 
> not allow me! I am too busy to follow my subscription. I am glad to 
> see some Arabic output. I do appreciate your work. However, the 
> translations tend to be too literal, e.g. 'tahtheer amny' for
> 'security warning'. The Arabic phrase is used by the police, isn't
> it ? A concise 'tahtheer' would do.
> Apart from that, Arabic sentences need some polishing up. For 
> example, the sentence in the dialog box 'tahtheer amany'. I would 
> be happy to help, but I am too, too busy. Maybe in the near future.

Sattar, your comments are very much appreciated.  I highly, highly,
__highly__ recommend you (and other lurkers) pick up where others have
left off and try to fix what you've noticed.  Telling people what's
wrong and pointing them in the right direction is nice, but doing it
yourself to help the overall cause is what we all need (that's NICER :-)

You don't have time, you say ?  Well, we all don't but we try to put a
couple of hours a week aside for this (if its important enough for ya,
you'll put a bit of time aside).

Salam and I really hope you get more involved (and get subscribed to the
list as I won't answer any more personal emails on this topic)

 - Nadim

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