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Re: My reply to hicham about translation


From: Hicham Amaoui
Subject: Re: My reply to hicham about translation
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 12:57:58 +0100

I prefer to wait until start of next week to see if anyone else want to jump in.

OK, this sounds reasonable to me.

I'll do the root files, kdelibs and kdebase. Deadline is one month for finishing kde3.1.x then we'll start kde3.2.x. I think it's doable as demonstrated by the Mongolian gnome 2.2 team (1).

WOW, WOW, WOW !!! My God. 95% in less than a month.... Crazy !
In the light of that speaking example, it sounds clear to me that everything is possible to us. I hope more people will join very quickly in this effort. C'mon people, some good will and we will achieve it insha Allah :)

Isam has stepped down from coordination. I'm the new coordinator. I'll try to answer any question you may have.

OK, perfect. I was afraid there was no coordinator... I think I'll have many questions to you !

I forgot to say this in my last email. Mohamed Aser emitted an idea about having an Arabeyes KBabel tutorial. I think this is also very important aboveall to new translators.

OK, waiting for your instructions/directives Mr Coordinator :)))



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