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Re: Arabic howto


I moved this to the 'doc' list since it is more appropriate for this.

I don't use LyX and don't know much about it (I never personally liked it).
Yes, I edit it by hand ;) What you will need to do is follow the LDP's Author
Guide (www.tldp.org). I put the ldp.dsl file (which is what we use) on the
Arabeyes CVS so you can use that directly.

The same applies for the rest of the documents found on CVS. I am seriously
considering moving to the XML-XSLT chain, since there are more tools available
for it and the conversion to it is a matter of very minor changes. But for the
meantime, you will need the DocBook DSSSL tools to process it.

Hope that helps.

Mohammed Elzubeir

--- Mohammed Sameer <Uniball gmx net> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hi,
> I tried importing the sgml howto using lyx but i've got the following error
> DTD check - Error: this linuxdoc-tools package supports Linuxdoc DTD only.
>    If you wish to convert DocBook or other DTD files,
>      then please install and use SGMLTools-Lite or Jade/OpenJade package.
> jade also complained:
> jade arabic-howto.en.sgml 
> jade:E: cannot find "arabic-howto.en.dsl"; tried "arabic-howto.en.dsl",
> "/usr/local/share/sgml/arabic-howto.en.dsl",
> "/usr/local/lib/sgml/arabic-howto.en.dsl",
> "/usr/share/sgml/arabic-howto.en.dsl"
> jade:E: specification document does not have the DSSSL architecture as a base
> architecture
> Is there something missing or is it my problem "i always have problems when
> it comes to lyx ;)"
> How do u edit this ? Don't tell me by hand!

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