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Re: Dictionary Lookup

I was thinking of one thing. Isn't there any way we can
include many meanings of a word and let KBabel or
gTranslater determine which one to use?
or at least make it available for translators to
choose the most suitable?
Also, sometimes when I notice missing words I add
them too. I hope this is ok :)


Nadim Shaikli wrote:
--- Ossama Khayaat <ossamak nht com kw> wrote:

I found two excellent places where you can lookup
words in almost all the dictionaries on the web
from one place.

www.onelook.com and dictionary.reference.com

Cool, these are pretty nifty sites :-)  Once the full_wordlist
is complete we can approach them about adding our wordlist to
their list of dictionaries (there are other sites out there that
might be interested in offering Arabic online lookups).

Please use them as they will make it really quick
and easy to find any new words.

I'm still working on the full_wordlist.po and hope
soon I will try to send an update.

I saw you CVS commit (wonderful progress), do please try
to include a more meaningful commit phrase beyond "did
work" :-)  Maybe include some statistics on how complete
the file is, etc (I'm sure Isam and others will jump in
and indicate the command to run to show that info :-)  A
completion percentage would be really neat.

In passing, the words that are out of the dictionary - you
can tag as 'fuzzy' and translate as "BAD_WORD" or something
similar -- make sure things are consistant.

Keep up the great work.


- Nadim

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