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Re: Math and Scientific Terminology in Maalam

Salam Imed,

And thanks for your reply (I started to despair on having an answer from maghreb !).

From: Imed Chihi
Subject: Re: Math and Scientific Terminology in Maalam
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 10:18:10 +0100

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I'm from Tunisia and, unfortunately, we still don't have a thourough Arabic
math curriculum. Kids attend math courses till 9th form in Arabic and
abruptly switch to French the following year. This is, actually, better than
in the past where Arabic teaching used to stop at the 6th form, it's a
progressive migration to an all-Arabic mathematics curriculum.

In algeria studies are in arabic till the univeristy. Then you can choose if you continue in arabic or switch to french. The arabization process started abruptly in the seventies and was made clumsily because a whole generation of teachers (with a french background) had to switch into arabic at once. It resulted in a low quality teaching that is noticable until today (because the message was not passing between the teachers with french background and the new arabized pupils).

Therefore, I may not be able to find a Tunisian official document referring to
relatively "advanced" math concepts as trigonometry and functions for now. If
you think it may help you have an idea about how things are tought here, I
may send you a copy of two or three school books. Just send me a postal
address if you're interested and let me know whether you're interested only
in mathematics.

Well, that's very kind from you ! But just don't bother with sending books ;) And yes for the moment I am particularly interested in mathematics, such as function names and other terminilogy (I don't know for example how to say "fit a function" in arabic - what a shame).

I once saw an Arabic-French-English glossary of technical terms edited by a
branch of the ALECSO located in Morocco. By the way, I once wrote (e-mail) to
the ALECSO headquarters in Tunis asking for assistance in this matter and I
received no reply (actually, I received one, but it was just a Sircam virus
:). If you believe we can get something specific from them, I can pay them a
visit, I can see their building from my window here :)

Well you seem to have looked into the subject already :) I went on their website and found a page about their objectives and theirs accompilshements and publications (didn't went through all of it yet). Since it is an arab league dependant organism I guess that they had already thought about a unified technical vocabulary (and you seem to have seen such a document)...
So if you are really able to pay them a visit just ask them about it ;) And if there are any related documents etc (especially maths, though I'd be also interested in other subjects like stat, physics and astronomy).

It would be really kind from you !



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