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Re: ar.po & full_wordlist.po

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Isam Bayazidi wrote:
On Tuesday 31 December 2002 14:16, Ossama Khayaat wrote:

Assalamou Alaikom everyone.
I just subscribe to the list because
I wanted to help in traslating.
I noticed that the ar.po and full_wordlist.po
files were'nt updated for a very long time.
I see there are some simple strings/words that
I can lookup in the Mawrid dictionary, search
any of the suggested sites, or at least read
the preceding explanation so that I can get
it translated.
So, If no one one is willing to work on that,
please allow me to do so, because I saw there
are so many *essential* words are missing that
will help so much in traslation.

Salam Osama, You are proving to be a great contributor wanting to help in more than
one project at the same time :-) I find this great and bringing enthusiasm
even to me :-)

Please feel free to work on the full_wordlist.po, the Mawred will help
you indeed. forget about the ar.po for now, It can be easily translated
after translating the big mighty full_wordlist :-)

Please double check your translations in that file, as this file will
serve as a seed to rough translation, and maybe a seed for QaMoose and other dictionary related projects..

Isam Bayazidi

Assalamou Alaikom, and Happy New Year. I worked a little with the full_wordlist.po file and so far I had many occurances where I found different translations for a single term like the following example:-

msgid "Abdicating"
msgstr "التّنحّي"

msgid "Abdication"
msgstr "التّنازل"

So, I don't know if I should choose the best and simple meaning
or just continue this way, although (IMHO) I guess it's not a
good approach to do so.

Also, should we include the Alef-Lam at the start for all words
or just keep it without, and is there a rule for that to be
as accurate as possible. Example:-

msgid "Accounts"
msgstr "التّقارير"

Some words might not have an accurate meaning, like:-

msgid "Accursed"
msgstr "لعين"

msgid "Accursedly"
msgstr "على نحو لعين"

msgid "Accursedness"
msgstr "اللعنة"

msgid "Accurst"
msgstr "لعين"

msgid "Pressures"
msgstr "الضغوط"

msgid "Pressurestat"
msgstr ""

And last, and but least, there are words that I couldn't find
neither in Mawrid nor in Mariam's Webster dictionary found in
www.webster.com, which could either be wrong spelled or maybe
don't exist at all. So, should I just leave those words or
is it better to remove them. Following is an example:-

msgid "Absortion"
msgid "Abuilding"
msgid "Accoustom"

Ossama Khayat