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Re: Arabic flag in KDE

On Tuesday 07 May 2002 05:53, Arafatm wrote:
> maybe a bad hack from an israeli hacker we have to replace it as soon as
> possible, I think palstine flag is better then green falg let us stand with
> our brothers there and not represent conventions we r free LINUX hackers
> ... So I don't agree with mohammed here I think a nice change would be
> great ...

No need to go far in imagination .. it turned out to be a badly designed code, 
that's all .. there is no consperncy on us .. lighten up..

About the Palistinian Flag .. Well in the KDE 3.1 or KDE 3.0.2 (if there is 
ever gonna be 3.0.2) there is a list for All Arab Countries including 
Palistinian Authority .. and the Palistinian flag will be there to represent 
Palistine .. About Arabic Languge .. Current'y the C Deaflut flag is used for 
kxkb .. but the plain Green flag ( looks like Lybia Flag) or the Arab League 
Falg ( which is mosly green as well) will be used to represnt Arabic 

Hayder, I guess that you grabed the KDE 3 files fro mthe KDE_3_0_BRANCH, I 
suggest grabing the kdebase/l10n from HEAD branch instead of KDE_3_0_BRANCH 
were all Arab countries exist..

Take Care all,
Isam Bayazidi