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gnome-2 pot files


First I would like to say, what a great job you guys are doing. It is a
pleasure to see that we are working together to achieve a common goal.
The sharing of ideas and collaborative work have been the driving power
of this project.

A lot of you have been calling for 'Gnome', and here it is! I have
imported the POT files to the CVS repository:

I have also setup a Gnome page --

	Please note that the status bar is still not there (will be updated
  once the translations begin).

The same applies to Gnome, as far syntax and whatnot goes for the POT
files. However, Gnome does not keep PO Template files on CVS. This makes
dealing with it different on the administrative side, but not for you.
So, don't worry about it ;)

Let the games begin!
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