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Re: Can I help you

On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 12:01:15PM -0700, Ayman mohammad Said kalosy wrote:
> In The Name Of ALLAH
> I register in your website to help you to make arabic linux
> <http://www.mail2kuwait.com/m2w/mail/Emoticons/icon14.gif> .
> but you only send me messges
> <http://www.mail2kuwait.com/m2w/mail/Emoticons/icon1.gif>  .
> please If you don't have any ask , I will go out your site .

This is a 'mailing-list'. It is a way by which many people
can communicate with each other. Obviously you will be
receiving mail from it if you are subscribed.

If you would like to help, have you read:


There's a link to it from the right-side menu on the
Arabeyes web site. You might want to read it first.

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