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Re: for the Duali

On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 09:55:09AM -0700, ANAS ALI wrote:
> hello
> well,after reading mohammad's letter about Duali,i
> started to read some sections of a book called(jame3
> al-doroos al-3arabiah),then i sayed:i dont know any
> thing about spell-chekers,what am i doing.
> so i will give you the name of the book,mohammad,and i
> hope you can memorize the old things from it,and make
> use of them.
> the books name in arabic(i hope you can read it) is:
> --------------------
> ???? ?????? ???????
> ????? ????? ???????
> ---------------------
> or, in english:
> jame3 al-Doroos al-3arabieh
> for: Mostafa 3'alayeeny
> -------
> the number 3 is for the letter (eye) in arabic
> while put a dot on this to become 3'
> i hope you can get the Book.if not, i'll send you the 
> pages that you can get the most use of.
> the pages that about "Tasreef al-af3al" are in the
> first part of the book(p. 207 -> 230),the book is of
> three parts,which are mostly you will find in one
> book.
> and about what u sayed about "faqid" for example...it
> is (esm-al fa3el) of faqada(feh, qaf, dal),and it is a
> very common tasreef of all the verbs of the weight:
> fa-3a-la,
> .........
> ohhh, it is so hard to write a letter about arabic
> grammer with english words,so please tell me if you
> can read emails with arabic.


Thank you ;) The problem, as I spent more time on it, is
that reversing the rules doesn't always work. That is,
for the spell-checker itself to be able to effectively
do the spell-checks (given it has a complete dictionary)
would have high rates of accuracy. But, generating the
dictionary itself using the same rules in reverse is
a different beast.

If it's not too much to ask, scanning the relevant pages
and sending to me (in private) would be a _tremendous_
help. But, we're talking ~23 pages.. 

And, yes I can read Arabic emails (if not, looking at
the archives on the web will do) ;)

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