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KDE Up to Date

Salam all .. 
First of all I would like to say that I am sorry for being away latly .. those who knows me know that I wouldn't be away if there isn't a forcing mesure ..
Anyhow I've just finished updating the KDE files of Translations .. Now we are working with the KDE 3.1 files and the Koffice 1.2 .. please do not spare any efforts in recovering .. As you will see there is tens of new files .. some files are not new.. but just moved from one place to another .. not all the moving files was fixed .. they may appear NEW while they had been translated before .. I will look into these troublesome files very soon.. 
I will get a new PC in 2 weeks after it you will be tired of Isam :-)

I will delay the Gnome update for 2 weeks becuase the KDE is close to a release date and is a priority .. as it seems that Arabic wil not be with KDE 3.1 as it was with KDE 3.0 .. that is such a shame .. and we will do our best not to make it happen ..

Isam Bayazidi