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Re: Congratualations guys

--- Mohammed Gamal wrote:
> First of all I would like to congratulate you all for
> the first release of QaMoose (Nice Name ;) )

Thank you - and we'd like to make your volunteering effort
easier to further along this noble cause :-)  Make sure
to make QaMoose part of you daily usage or whenever you
opt to translate files (make it your trusty companion) and
do insert new terms if they aren't in the database already.

> I went to arabeyes's site & I found that you're planning
> for an IRC Party, so can you guys provide us more info
> about it (e.g: at what time will it start?, on which
> server we'll make the party? on which channel? ...etc)
> so can you tell us more about the IRC party, we wanna
> celebrate guys ;)!

That info will be forth-coming (time, server, channel, etc)
from Mr. Elzubeir.

BTW: For those of you that have already translated files and
     introduced terms, make sure to apply on the admin page of
     QaMoose to drive the acceptance and application of new
     terms as well as immediate insertion of new ones.

Simply apply at the following URL (click on "Create Account"),


Mohammed.G, you certainly fall into that camp.

Alas, see you all at the party 8-)

 - Nadim

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