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updates on KDE cvs

Okay folks!

I have just committed all of the current changes onto the KDE cvs. A few notes
to the brave and wise (yup, that's you... the great translators!)..

  - Always run 'msgfmt' before submitting anything to cvs. Most of the files I
fixed were older files, so it doesn't look like a recurring problem.

  - Everything in koffice/ is useless. It's not in utf-8 encoding, and can't be
submitted as is. I will remove them unless someone objects with a reason not

  - I will start removing the POT files and just keep the PO's so we can trim
down the download time -- I know some of you are on slow links. Of course that
will only affect files that already have corresponding PO's. In the future,
please remove the POT file after you have added the PO file. Ex.

    myfile.pot ... you created myfile.po .. added it to cvs
    you then,
    $ rm myfile.pot
    $ cvs remove myfile.pot
    $ cvs commit

    [or however it is with WinCVS]

  - Nadim has been working _very_ hard to bring QaMoose to you [note the
http://www.arabeyes.org/projects/qamoose.php link]. This will be followed by
some changes on a lot of the PO files we have, to maintain consistency. So, be
ready ;)

  - The KDE status bar page and the completion percentage are finally fully
functional. the cron job now runs like it should, so it will always be up to

  - We're still at 40% with kdebase/ ... the rest of the team, stand up! You
can't let Mohammed Galal and Isam Bayazidi take it all from you! Claim your
files now ;)

Finally, you are all doing a great job. Keep it up, and we will get the job
done ;)

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