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Re: *IMPORTANT* Notes to all translators

Salam All ..

On Wednesday 17 October 2001 3:45pm, you wrote:
> Salam All,
> I think all of us made a mistake in the naming of
> variables during translation, here is a note about
> that from the Linux-Mandrake l10n page:
> " Sometimes it is needed to change the order of the
> words when doing the translation, but when formatters
> (those %s %d etc) are used you cannot simply change
> them, that will make the programs crash! You need to
> use a special specifier x$ (with x=number) to tell
> what was its previous position (1-based). Eg:
Well .. the msgfmt program that is used to check the files detect these kind 
of errors .. so thank god it does not exist ...
The need for the specifier before the parameter rises when you change the 
order of the parameters in the translation .. puting one parameter before 
another other than what it was in the original msgid ...
I think that there is no errors of that kind in the files .. if you found any 
of those errors please send a note to the list with the file name and the 
line number ... 

Mohammed Gamal .. you are going a great Job with KDE translation .. Did you 
read the KDE translation HowTO ? it is the main source of information for our 
project ...

			Isam Bayazidi
			Amman- Jordan