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Re: String in Arabic Translation of KDE

Meni, you are both right and wrong. You are talking about environments
you don't know, and in some places (not the majority I concede), you can
just make a volunteer's project's use too uncomfy because of such
details. Independantly from that, you won't have users tracking every
mention in Hebrew of "Yesha" or "Samaria" or "Eretz Ysrael" if you chose
to use them. So with all due respect Meni, and I really mean the
respect, keep your eyes on Hebrew l18n, I'm sure Arabic translators are
adult and responsible enought to keep an eye on Arabic and will know
what to chose. If they chose "Isra'il" fine, if they don't, fine as
well. The project is primarily for Arab users, not primarily for
Israelis who speak Arabic, though of course, we'd be more than happy if
it is used by them. So, please, let's cut this debate.

Friendly (B'yedidut),