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KDE Translation


I have just updated our CVS with the once-again updated PO's from the KDE CVS.
This will mean that many of the strings have changed, and so the file will
need to be updated.

KDE3 is scheduled to be released February. That doesn't gvie us a lot of time,
so we need to double our efforts to bring Arabic to KDE3. All those idle
translators who have started and then hid in the background -- you need to
come back! This cannot be done without everyone's help.

Some of you in the past have expressed that the inability to edit files in
Arabic  under Linux has made it hard to work on translation. This problem has
now become less significant with VIM's Arabic support (but still in Alpha
stage) and some are even making use of KBabel. So, no more excuses! You wanted
Arabic editing capabilities, and we provided that, now it's time to work.

Remember, February! That means, by mid January we should have at LEAST:

root files (kdelibs.po, etc)   --- 100%
kdebase/                       --- 100%

Ignore every other directory, and only concentrate on kdebase right now. These
are _very_ important to be completed in order to have Arabic included as part
of the KDE3 official release. 

You guys have been doing a super job, and I have to say, the speed at which we
have been going at is better than most new languages. So, much props to ya!
Keep up the good work, and let us be rewarded by a fully Arabized version of


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