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Re: to Mr Yasser

On Friday 30 November 2001 10:45, you wrote:
> Moreover I tried several times last week to login to Arabeyes to update the
> records in my CVS, but always got a message saying something like "CVS
> exited normally ... 0". And I cannot do that from work either. I hope I can
> fix my computer soon to start this taks that I wanted to start 2 years ago!

well when WinCVS says that "CVS exited normaly ... 0" that means that 
everything went out fine, and that you have the command you requested ( 
either update, commit, or add) successfuly done .. so that is a good sign :)

About the problems with Mandrake 8 .. I always try to avoid using the Windows 
Partition for Linux, although it is possible in Mandrake 8, but I don't see 
it as reliable as the ext2 ...

I hope that you get past the problems you are facing, and join us when ever 
you can .. anytime you are facing a problem in WinCVS or translation, don't 
hasitate to send us 'doc at arabeyes dot org' about it .. we would be glad to help 
you all ..

				Isam Bayazidi
				Amman - Jordan