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Re: How about a Calligraphy-based Font Designer program

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Here is my idea
the attached image file shows 4 points
2 points; i:initial and f:final
2 control points; c1 c2
and I show an example two points in blue

each point is a vector of [x y w a]
x,y coords
w with of the pen ie. radius
a angle of the pen

each component P should follow this formula
P(t)=P1.(t)^3  +3.P2.(t)^2.(1-t) +3.P3.(t).(1-t)^2  +P4.(1-t)^3
where P1 and P4 are the component of i and f
and P2 and P3 are the components of the control points

t is the time from 0-1
0 gives the initial point and 1 gives the final point

of course we won't be applying it to x and y because the library could do that

we will apply it only to w and a

in Arabic Calligraphy w is fixed we only have to care about the angle a

a(t)=ai. t^3 + 3. ac1 . t^2 ..etc.

for any given t we could find a
and for any random point on the curve we could find t

I'm planning to use GTK+ on C or python
gnome-concave or cairo or whatever

to generate the region polygon we only have to move from
each point with the given width (or radius) and angle
then link the two curves with a line
(a line is a curve having it's c1 as i and c2 same as f)

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