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[developers] Zekr 0.7.0 Final is Ready


We are so happy to announce general availability of Zekr 0.7.0 final.
I just don't want to list new features this release has over 0.6.0 or
even 0.6.6. Please download and enjoy your Ramadan.

You can find changes in 0.7.0 by following the following wiki pages.
You can also see a list of screen shots which show almost all the new
features introduced in 0.7.0 branch by following the last link.
- http://zekr.org/wiki/Zekr_0.7.0_beta_1
- http://zekr.org/wiki/Zekr_0.7.0_beta_2
- http://zekr.org/wiki/Zekr_0.7.0

Download URL:

Debian and Mac .dmg packages will be available soon inshaAllah.

Happy Ramadan.