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Re: GTK+ and Arabic text shaping

--- Fredrik Corneliusson <fredrik dot corneliusson at gmail dot com> wrote:
> Tor Lillquist found the issue, it was the GTK runtime I was using
> (gladewin32.sourceforge.net) that was not built with win32 Uniscribe
> support.
> I tried his build and it did not have this problem.

Fredrik, is there anyway to inform the various maintainers of win32
GTK releases out there on the 'net to tag their releases to note
uniscribe's inclusion.  I'm a bit confused on which releases include
(or don't) uniscribe.  Can we get a conversation going with the main
GTK win32 release site maintainer (if there is one - their sf.net project
seems to have stalled).

Here is what I found google'ing for this (not sure what is what),

  http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtk-win/          (not maintained)

Again, thanks for looking into this issue...


 - Nadim

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