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Re: Lulua

On Monday 04 June 2007 12:58, Laith Juwaidah wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to suggest a new project, it's simply an Arabic Perl, I
Why perl? why not python or some other language I understand? :-P
> was thinking of the name Lulua (Pearl in Arabic, because the word Perl
why not? but we'll have to delete a vowel afterwards :-p
> was taken from Pearl), I also sent an official request to perl.org and
> they said they're going to start a survey within a few days and
> they're going to respond by 7th July, at latest.
Was the request sent to a public mailing list or privately?
keep us informed about the news and the survey :-)
> I would like to hear  your feedbacks and I would like to hear from the
> coordinators of the site to say what they think about it.
I think that it will be a good thing (if it succeeds). and we'll be posting 
here in arabic :-)
> BTW, Those of you who are in the doc mailing list... I know, earlier,
> I said that having such thing would be a waste but people change!
> Cheers,