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Time to STOP pasting code into emails :)

Salam to everyone,

I see alot of people trying to represent a solution or patch, and what they do, is paste the whole code into the email, which is ugly (no syntax highliting, wrecks up the whole email), and not so professional (whats nadim wants us to be) ;-).
Note, it has been done manytimes, so I am not blaming anybody, or instruction any body, its just a  sugesstion, hey i'm smiling :D, here is how you do it:

go to:
http://www.slexy.org/         // despite the name, its legit

paste your code there, then (optional) add your name, discribtion, language type.
then you'll get a link, which links to what you've typed! thats all, pretty simple :)

To make things even more fun, the site is developed by one of my friends from university, so if you want to add any features, or have any suggestion, let me know, and i'll force him to apply it ;)... jokes.


A Abbad

Here is an example:
libquran.c, the new version.
libquran.c: http://www.slexy.org/paste/3916